Swiss Social

Swiss Social


Swiss Social is a high-quality networking community for all those who are not satisfied with the status quo of the social environment in Switzerland. Our network is not only for expats or professionals or students, or whichever specific discriminated group - we welcome everyone who is willing to create meaningful social bonds.

Until 2015, we have been mainly present on facebook ( and a few other facebook pages dedicated to specific cities in Switzerland), but with your help to spread the word, we have finally launched this first test version of a full web portal for our members. The faster we add new members, the faster we will be up and running, therefore we count on your support!

If you don't see a Swiss Social community in your Swiss town, please contact us and we will be happy to set it up for you! In case you are interested to become a volunteer organizer for your local community, upon a successful interview, we will be happy to train you.